Business Objectives
10 reason why you choose MPI’s Franchise

1. Career of Women
  • Beauty is woman’s nature, MPI Bodyline is a career can help women become beauty.
2. MPI Bodyline is a non-traditional market for bra, but it is daily necessities in future.
  • MPI Bodyline is not general bra series that is necessary skin products to 21st new century women.
  • Daily beauty product is can be sustainable.
3. Exquisite, Elegant, Excellent.
  • MPI Bodyline develops a range of body care products and train consumers have a beauty lifestyle. 
  • Not only high exquisite, it is excellent and elegant market!
4. Product will show result immediately.  
  • Product will give you an effective result.
  • Product will prove everything.
5. Unique Product
  • MPI Bodyline’s bra with the world's largest number of pieces and least number of pieces, the most light of the adjustment bra.
  • The largest size, equal to tailor-made.
  • Ultra-thin plastic film control material exclusive research and development.
  6. Best quality in industry.
  • Most advanced in Japan's bra industry
  • Most professional R & D production technology and the environment
  • Most professional planning and management towards warehouse.
  • Develop the personal products according to the Oriental women.
  • Be the first quality assurance industry.
7. Professional Management Team, Professional and Systematic Educational and Training System.
  • After professional training and designer to adjust, you can provide the professional customer service to your customer.
 8. The Best Choice for Women’s Entrepreneurship in 21st Century.
  • Small investment, high profit, rapid recovery, franchise profits more than 100% return rate.
9. MPI Bodyline has unique business promotion activities.
  • Your customer base will decide your career opportunities. MPI Bodyline can help you to expand your market.
10. MPI Bodyline beauty club, break world record about young curvy body with high age.
  • MPI Bodyline’s beauty selection just care about the age of body curve, it let a lot of woman become international charming beauty, the age of participant break high record and this beauty selection has attracted media.
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