Introduction of Multi-Pure International Group

Multi-Pure International Sdn.Bhd. has been established for 26 years. Since then, our company concentrates on pursuing the outstanding quality and high-level management control, development and innovation diligently for promoter’s need. Multi-Pure emphasize the high perfection in every aspect of the company’s development. Now, we are proud and grateful for the achievement of the company in the competitive business industries in just a few years since establishment pursues remarkably, good MUST be better becomes the principal of the company. Besides that, Multi-Pure creates good quality and achieve excellent result.

In the world market trend, new development of the market causes branded product becomes more popular and highly demanded in advanced trend. Our company has the ability to collect information and technologies as well as the trend of quality from other countries. We understand that every individual has different needs to unfold the eco style in them and tries to fulfill their needs in every aspect.

Trustworthiness, Quality and Service

Multi-Pure International adheres "Trustworthiness, Quality and Service" and coagulates all employees’ centrifugal force to move forward together with the company on concerted effort in the development of the product and techniques. Thus with the continuous spirit, the future of Multi-Pure International Group will be unimaginable with attaining real purpose of carry out customer service and satisfaction.

Therefore, Multi-Pure International create the first in Malaysia – "Multi-Pure International Franchise" in 2005 with noble qualities, brand new appearance, creative technique and the way of handling and practicality with each other on the benefit coexist of the principle of management. Our company special marketing plan is the same principle of the operator and together it forms an alliance co-operation. Our target and huge investment to establish "MPI BODYLINE SHOP" in the city founded "Multi-Pure International Franchise". Multi-Pure responsible in helping the operation on the management, technique, publicity and quickly having a foothold in the market in obtaining higher profits.

We always insist the position of taking the customer’s needs

We always insist the position of taking the customer’s needs as a premise for the manufacturing of good quality of the product. Therefore, we can see satisfied smiling faces on customers in each and every services rendered.

We believe firmly that the tomorrow of Multi-Pure will be doubly brilliant today, because of hard work in diligent process, and this is the definition of Multi-Pure to be successful.
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